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PowerPoint is one of the most used presentation tools in the world. Just like me, I am sure many of you have had to attend more than one too many boring presentations.

I believe the time has come to change this. It is high time to start creating vibrant presentations to generate happy audiences as well as happy presenters.

How can you achieve this when using PowerPoint? With PowerPoint Intelligence! Powerful Presentations will teach you the tools to create a brain-friendly presentation that will really stick with your audience. The higher your PowerPoint Intelligence, the more lasting your impression!


Read these blogs and discover tips and tricks from professionals all over the world.

Graphic Designer Tips for Your Own WOW Slides

With great anticipation, I previously mentioned that Mike, a graphic designer from the USA, would have the floor in today's blog post. If Charlotte and I had not attended his presentation in 2015, we probably never would have written our book - Powerful Presentations....

How Brain-Friendly Slides Can Make Your Presentation More Powerful

In my previous blog post, I asked if you know what the characteristics of brain-friendly slides are. I promised to reveal it in the next blog post, and here it is!   An Easy Way to Determine of Your Slides Are Brain-Friendly Brain-friendly slides deliver a clear...

How One Pivotal Presentation Changed My Life

In my previous blog post, I encouraged you to recall a presentation you would remember forever. This time, I will share how one presentation was pivotal in my business development. Let me start with the photo at the top of this blog. Do you see anything special about...

Which Part of Your Presentation Will Be Remembered Forever?

While doing a promo podcast for our book “Powerful Presentations,” our publisher, Laura Baxter of Castle Mount Media, recalled a memorable slide. She said she still exactly remembered which slide I had used three years ago during a presentation in Salzburg. 3 years!...

Ever Wondered What The Cost of a Poor Presentation Is?

Every presentation has a purpose. It must achieve something. The more successful your presentation is in achieving that purpose, the more value it gives you -- whether that is getting new business, convincing an investor, or successfully sharing your expertise. If...

The secret to a presentation that resonates with everyone

For this blog, I interviewed Mia Liljeberg who lives in Sweden. I met her in Phoenix, Arizona, during a professional speaking conference. Mia is a visual practitioner, an expert on capturing information with visual tools and stimulating creative thinking. According to Mia, visual tools and strategy gain more and more importance in a world that gets more visually focussed every single day.

PowerPoint for the advanced speaker

For this blog I interviewed Chris Davidson form the UK. Like I mentioned in an earlier blog, Chris is an experienced speaker and writer on the subject of presenting and founder of Active Presence. In the first blog I wrote about this interview, I explained why there are still so many bad PowerPoints in the world, based on the history of this presentation program. In this blog, I will share Chris’ tips on how to use PowerPoint to really get your message across and how you can present yourself as an advanced speaker.

Why there are so many bad bullet point-slides in the world

For this blog, I interviewed Chris Davidson form the UK. Chris is an experienced speaker and writer on the subject of presenting. It is interesting to pick each other’s brains or to attend one of his workshops time and time again. When I ask him about his background, he tells me originally was an engineer and a good draftsman. My question about his background turns out to be of great importance when it comes to understanding where all the common PowerPoint mistakes come from.

PowerPoint advice from an Irish storyteller

This time, I will let Eamonn O’Brien do the talking. Literally, because in this blog I added video fragments of our interview. Eamonn is a true storyteller. He helps people to speak more memorable and he is an expert in telling better stories to make every presentation more interesting. He also is the writer of the Amazon Bestseller: How to make Powerful Speeches and is the founder of the Reluctant Speakers Club.

Be the guard dog of your audience

I met Gregor Fauma in the German city Ulm during a congress of the German Speakers Association. He is a keynote speaker and coaches people in preparing presentations and creating PowerPoints. I noticed Gregor has a clear vision. He gave solid answers to all of my questions. Let’s start with the thing he is thoroughly against.

What PowerPoint users can learn from a creative Keynote user

For this blog, I interviewed Cyriel Kortleven. His mission is to boost the creative and the entrepreneurial mindsets of professionals. He does this in an exciting way. As a professional speaker, he inspires his audience to be more agile in these fast-changing times.
I have attended many of Cyriel’s presentations and have been impressed by the things he shows on stage every single time. He is not only an inspiring speaker – he also knows like no other how to creatively use slides to achieve more with your audience. He doesn’t use PowerPoint, but Keynote. A presentation program developed solely for Mac.

Make lasting impact with brain-friendly PowerPoints

For this blog, I interviewed John B. Molidor. John is a Professor in Psychology and the President of the National Speakers Association (www.nsaspeaker.org), the main speakers association in the USA. Nine years ago, I saw him speak for the first time in San Diego. When I saw him speak again in Ulm last summer, something became clear to me: I wanted to interview John about how to create brain-friendly slides for a presentation that will have a clear message and lasting impact.  One thing I noticed in Ulm, while attending his presentation, was that his slides had a completely different look from the ones he had used nine years ago in San Diego. I was curious to find out what had been his reasons for the big overhaul in the style of his slides.

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